30 days

I have spent the whole day reading The Miracle Morning book – interspersed with yoga, snacks and a National Theatre Live screening – and I am so happy about starting my 30 days tomorrow, for the rest of May why not. There’s a Miracle Morning facebook group full of people sharing their Miracle journeys and I am their newest excited member.

I was initially scared and anxious about our 12 week lockdown in a one bedroom flat (my partner has a lung thing so we’re officially shielding), but today I realised I quite like it. To think that I have 30 more uninterrupted days, to focus on my personal and physical development, to get stronger and cleaner and better in every way, and not be ALLOWED out, let alone need to find excuses not to go out. My silver linings are brilliant, and I love my continued isolation, and resulting structure, focus and discipline. There is a global reset taking place, and while it is serious and frightening for a lot of people, it will be an opportunity for me, as I cocoon very deliberately and intentionally, and emerge at the end of this as my authentic healthy beautiful self.

Thank you so much.

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