Sometimes you need to stay right inside your comfort zone

In February the panic attacks came back. I fought them off with the usual mix of breathing, pills and running through the streets in the dark, but I was determined to never let them back in. My mind kept hurting me, and as well I know: Hurt people hurt people. If I was going to find a way over this I needed to start a serious routine of care, support and nourishment for my broken brain.

Having gently coaxed my mind back into a healthy place, I decided to devote one hour a day to keeping it there. From May 1st 2020 I have been researching and recording techniques to look after and strengthen my mental health. And it’s turned out to be my favourite part of my day, when I get to disappear into my safe zone full of comfort and love, from which I am ready to step into the rest of the day

To help me stick to it, and in case it’s useful for anyone else, it’s all recorded here.