It is life-changingly good. My job started getting stressful and I could feel anxiety crawling back around my skull as autumn approached so I started running again. Just a quick fifteen minutes off into the countryside and back before work. Nice. I mentioned it to a colleague who said he’d been meaning to join parkrun.… More

Night sweats

So they are back. Or they were back last night. Let’s not make this a regular thing please. I’m more and more convinced that work is keeping the anxiety at bay. I had a huge deadline at work to get a few reports done, so I spent all last week and most of the weekend… More

Some Post-Moonie Resources

So it seems like a mixture of Covid, Lockdown and the fact that we’re all a few years out, has resulted in a recent collection of resources. I consume them avidly, and am always adding to my collection. EDIT: I have moved them all to a new page now, as it is an ever expanding… More

The Window of Thanks

So I have this thing for gratitude, as I may have mentioned before. I have been working to encourage my mind, through a daily gratitude diary, to make a habit out of finding things to be grateful for. It has been very good for me, and as with everything beneficial, I wanted to share it.

Day 19: Nature

How lucky that we’re in Wiltshire, where bits of gorgeous green countryside are never more than a ten minute walk away. I hadn’t realised, until I spent a year in a second floor flat, just how much I require the outdoors. I’m sure all of us do, but maybe, for those of us that live… More

The New Year starts on the 10th doesn’t it?

I’ve long ago stopped pretending that I could make any new changes to my life on January 1st. Even in a Lockdown, new years day happens in a strange time of disorientation, alcohol and chocolate. Then the first Monday could count as a new start but the first week back at work is a bit… More

Day 18: Mindfulness and meditation

This title has been sitting as a draft article here for three weeks now! I felt like I couldn’t write about it until I had some magical meditational breakthrough to write about, until I realised that’s not happening any time soon. What has happened is a sudden explosion of community related tasks in the run… More

Day 17: Loving What is

Yes I’ve been avoiding this one, as it is massive. And a Sunday night on my own with a big Monday meeting tomorrow is a good opportunity to finally address it.

Day something or other: Dance!!

Oh my days. I did not realise that I have not danced for more than a year! We just had a staff zoom meeting, which was really positive. Because my love is fast asleep after his night shift, I have taken my meeting as quietly as possible in the living room, with headphones on. After… More


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