Day Eight: Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a bizarre method of tapping on acupressure points and telling yourself you love and accept yourself regardless of the bad feelings. I was taught the technique by a lovely religious lady a few years ago, and even then I was skeptical. It did seem to work though, even if it was by virtue of placebo based self delusion. There was one occasion when I was hurt so badly by someone right before a meeting, and I had one minute to snap out of the sobbing, which, with a few taps on my eyebrows and chin, I managed in an instant. It really might just be the practice of doing something completely different that tricks your brain into thinking you must be fine now, but it did work.

A few years later I saw the same technique mentioned in a Paul McKenna book so I figured it had some merit, and a little bit of searching reveals a few places where the NHS mention it, although a little further research reveals a few more sites that question whether the NHS should endorse such medically untested pseudoscience.

Either way, here’s a summary of the procedure from someone who does believe it:

However, I actually feel alright at the moment, so I will save this for use as an intervention method for the next time my anxiety spikes.

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