Day Four: Bedtime routine

Last night I still wasn’t 100%. I fended off the anxiety by making myself a cosy nest on the sofa with the heavy blanket and playing a previous Helm De Vegas’ show on the laptop. We join his Facebook live music performances every week which are not only full of amazing music, but real connection to a community of love and beauty, which works even when it’s not live.

And the sofa seemed less lonely than the bed (while my love is on nightshifts) so I settled in for what turned out to be a very bad night’s sleep. No rushes of anxiety, so that was a bonus, but not a great deal of sleep either.

Today’s resulting tiredness and worry serves as a great motivator to learn about healthy habits for getting a good night’s sleep. The NHS website is full of tips, and every article I’ve read says the same basic things. You need a regular sleep routine, like children do, with bathtime, cosy pyjamas, story time and sleep. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and eating late, write out your gratitudes for today and plans for tomorrow, and every single site, without question, says NO SCREEN TIME FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR BEFORE SLEEP.

So I will start my bedtime routine now, with the optimistic aim of a full seven hours sleep, and I’ll have to update you in the morning.

Goodnight 🙂

Edit: I’m trying a few different things this week so will update when I have some comparative data.

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