How many Human Needs?

Since my blasé summing up of the complexities of humanity into the five basic human needs as outlined by Maslow, I have done more research.

Mostly because I am struggling to categorise this site, as you may have noticed, I’ve got about 90 categories already. I am on a journey of overall health and wellbeing, of which there are many elements. And having tried to fit them neatly into my handily colour coded chakra rainbow, I realise that’s too simple and doesn’t really work. Maslow is limited too, and I just found out, has a modified version that came out in 1990. Then there are the 9 Human Givens, there’s a Max-Neef model, and one I learned years ago when he was first a source of inspiration to me, Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs.

So I have spent an hour scribbling them all out, charting the similarities, and coming up with my own extensive list that makes sense for me. The big realisation just now is that there are NEEDS and then there are NEED-MEETERS, that is, ways that we get our needs met. So I may think I have a need for people, but what I have is a need for connection, love, esteem and intimacy, which people (partner, family, community) provide.

CONTRIBUTION is an interesting one, and features only in Tony Robbins’ list. I highlighted it as one of my very important needs, but do I have a need for contribution, or is that my need for esteem, connection and love that is met through contribution?

Writing is an immense need of mine ( have you noticed?) but does that come under creativity, contribution, connection?

All interesting. All too complex to decide upon today. It will expand, but for now I will apply these 12 categories, as the needs being met on my quest for wellness, and then all the little subcategories are ways that these main 12 are met. Let’s see if my journey fits neatly into these now.

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