Untether My Voice

I have started a course. An impressive woman who grew up in the same unusual religious group as me has spent seven years producing a documentary about her complex and challenging life. She is now running courses to help other people find their voice. It is all very new and a bit daunting, but six of us have signed up and I like this little screen full of women, who all have a story, a truth, and who I will spend the next 11 weeks on a little exploratory journey with.

We just had our first session, complete with guided meditations and inner explorations, which is right up my current street. It feels like this will be an opportunity to make some progress on the many hundreds of thousands of words I have been writing already, and I look forward to seeing where it takes us. Either way, it provides a focus, and a direction for this strange time, out of which I would like to be empowered and ready for the new awakened life of truth, beauty and clarity that is emerging out of this pandemic. Thank you Cara

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