3 Meditation Techniques – Bob Roth

I’m loving my sunshine mornings, I’ve settled into an effective way to save time, by listening to some wisdom from youtube as I eat breakfast, which equates to my required 10 pages of reading.

This morning’s search brought me to a surprising Russel Brand interview with the CEO of The David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth.

The summary of which is as follows:


Meditation has been around for ever, but it has to be taught in the language of the time you’re in. If you have a meditation practice it will benefit all aspects of your life. It’s all one thing. Whatever the reason for starting meditating, it opens up the door to enlightenment.

The nature of the ocean at its surface is turbulent but the nature of the ocean at its depth is very calm. So the surface of the mind – some traditions call it the monkey mind, which you have to stop and control. It’s also the gotta mind – gotta do this, call her, etc. We all have it.

There are three types of meditation.

  1. Focused Attention – if you want to have a calm mind, you still the thoughts, the surface of the ocean. Stop the waves, you calm the ocean. Vipassina is one of these, you focus on a part of your body, a certain thought, it produces gamma waves.
  2. Open Monitoring – many mindfulness techniques. Thoughts are not the disruptor of calm, but the content of thoughts can be the disruptor of calm. Open monitoring teaches me to dispassionately observe, to be in the present. Be mindful. Don’t be in the past. Theta brain waves.
  3. Transcedental – self transcending. Thoughts are fine, waves are fine. Where is the ocean naturally calm? At its depth. Where is the mind naturally calm? At its depth. We hypothesise that deep within everyone is a transcendent level of the mind which is always and already calm and this meditation gives access to that.

We know that there is a vertical direction to the mind. we feel deeply, we hurt deeply. We have gut feelings deeply where our intuition knows. So the hypothesis is that even deeper than that, is a level of the mind that is always calm and peaceful. Religion uses the words ‘The kingdom of heaven is within’. It is expressed differently but the quest for inner calm is common throughout time.

There is a peace that surpasses all. A unified field. In the ancient meditation texts they talk about a unified field of consciousness. From physics you can’t access that. So the human brain is able to access that. The deepest level of my own nature and yours and nature’s nature are one and the same and if I access that, it enlivens all of the best qualities of life. It reduces stress but it more than that it wakes up compassion, kindness, insight, power, strength, discernment, all of the values of human life that have been talked about forever. This is the language of religion, poetry, science, everything.

Thousands of years ago we might have been so in tune with the seasons and the flow that we naturally accessed that. Where naturally humans lived in alignment with nature. And now people are looking for stability and something true but they’re not finding it outside so it’s driving them inside.

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