Meditation by colours

I don’t know how to meditate. I have read bits of advice about how to empty your mind and access the depths of the soul. I have tried, honestly but is it fair at this point to say that my mind just can’t switch off? I try to focus on my breathing, and my record so far is three deep cleansing breaths before I start to get a) worried about the raspy nature of my lungs; b) an inspiration for something to write about; or c) a flashback to a snippet of my dream about a tiger in the kitchen.

So today for my ‘reading’ I youtubed guided meditations and found a lovely little 20 minute delve into the colourful world of chakras. I am familiar with the concept of chakras because I used to work for a little alternative health therapy catalogue, and along with the dubious aura cleansing beads and magical detox pills, there was an image in the catalogue that I loved. It showed a silhouette of a person infused with a beautiful line of rainbow colours denoting the seven centres of healing and energy in the body. I wasn’t convinced that purchasing a correspondingly coloured stone for a tenner would help alleviate any medical issues around those bits of the body, but I liked the diagram. And now, with all the lovely NHS rainbows everywhere, including our huge one made of flowers that is hanging in the window now, I have a renewed love for the simple beauty and elegance of these seven colours aligned.

So this morning, having settled into my 6.30 sunshine spot for my half hour ‘meditation’ I closed my eyes and was taken on a colourful breathing journey through my whole body. And it was lovely, not just to have something to focus my mind on, but because I love the idea of each part of me filling up with a beautiful coloured light full of energy and love with each breath. It might all be hippy nonsense but after half an hour of it I was incredibly peaceful and found myself smiling at the early morning sunshine as it gently warmed my face.

I will look into this more.

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