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Latest from the Blog

Night sweats

So they are back. Or they were back last night. Let’s not make this a regular thing please. I’m more and more convinced that work is keeping the anxiety at bay. I had a huge deadline at work to get a few reports done, so I spent all last week and most of the weekend… More

Some Post-Moonie Resources

So it seems like a mixture of Covid, Lockdown and the fact that we’re all a few years out, has resulted in a recent collection of resources. I consume them avidly, and am always adding to my collection. EDIT: I have moved them all to a new page now, as it is an ever expanding… More

The Window of Thanks

So I have this thing for gratitude, as I may have mentioned before. I have been working to encourage my mind, through a daily gratitude diary, to make a habit out of finding things to be grateful for. It has been very good for me, and as with everything beneficial, I wanted to share it.

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