I may have mentioned that we watch lovely Helm De Vegas perform three times a week on a Facebook livestream from the corner of his house on the piano. Following a Queen Night, Eagles Night, Boy Band night and a 90s night, among others, a lot of us regular viewers have asked him to do a Pink Floyd Night, which he has said he would love to do, but not sure it would be for everyone. So tonight he got out his guitar and said, ‘This is for all of those who would love a Pink Floyd Night. I know Mr M is one.’

Mr M next to me, waves excitedly at the screen.

‘So this is for you,’ says Helm, as he starts strumming on the guitar.

‘Wish you were here?’ wonders Mr M.

‘Oh, is it?’ I hope so.

‘Yes it is, listen to those chords!’

And as the tune comes to life in his fingers, both me and Mr M gasp in delight and grab our phones to comment. I write ‘goosebumps!’ at the same time as Mr M writes ‘chills!!!’

And we sit here nearly crying in delight as Helm provides the most beautiful rendition of a guitar and piano version of Wish You Were Here.

It is beautiful. I chuck a few more comments and hearts to the live feed throughout the song, and as he finishes the song, Helm throws his head back and grins at the screen.

‘Oh I really enjoyed that! That might have been the best thing I’ve ever done!’

Yes I think it was Mr De Vegas.

‘To all you Pink Floyd fans, I sincerely hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.’

And I still have goosebumps now as Helm has just started a request for Mr M, Street Spirit by Radiohead. Another piece of musical magic.

As well as the sheer joy of the event, the reason for describing this joyous moment is to note the similarity between the chills and goosebumps of experiencing a heart-wrenchingly beautiful piece of music, and the wierd anxiety rushes that crawled down my arms the other night while I was having my fascinating 3am panic attack.

I was discussing my doctor’s advice with my sister, who said the adrenaline of fear and excitement is the same, and the body responds in similar ways, just one is associated with negative thoughts and one with positive. This is all provides useful insights into my mastery of my mental health and I thank Helm for highlighting it so beautifully tonight.

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